We are glad that you have visited our website, which clearly presents our work and mission. The Tačke pomagačke Society is a voluntary organization that carries out dog assisted therapy in 125 institutions throughout Slovenia.

Our handlers and dogs have appropriate professional training for such work. Our activities are marked by friendliness, warmth and sincerity, but our furry companions bring so much more, which cannot be put into words, yet the responses of our clients testify to it. In the Society we constantly upgrade the professional capability of our handlers and the technical expertise of our therapy dogs. We are reliable and responsible in carrying out our work.

Together with our canine partners we perform different kinds of therapy, which are carefully prepared and led by professional workers in the institutions visited. We are also often invited to make visits where we happily present our work and point out that having a dog is a great responsibility.

Our work is directed particularly to people with special needs, for whom the company of a wagging tail and wet nose enriches their potentially monotonous environment and kindles the spark of life. These visits are marked by orderliness and patience, enriched by good will and unfailing commitment.

Through conscientious, professional and sustained work we achieve pleasing results. Dog assisted therapy in Slovenia is acquiring ever more validity, also among the professional public. This is confirmed by two special decrees from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, which have granted to the Tačke pomagačke Society:

  • the status of a humanitarian organization;
  • the status of a society working in the public interest in the field of health care.

We therefore invite you to become better acquainted with our work and our dogs through studying our website. You will also find information there as to how you can join us.

“A dog has one aim in life ... to bestow his heart.” (J.R. Ackerley)