Lek, a member of the Sandoz group, is sponsoring Tačke pomagačke for the five year running

date: 22.06.2021

category: News

In order to implement its mission the voluntary and humanitarian Tačke pomagačke Society depends financially entirely on members’ subscriptions, the 1% contributions from earned income, and most of all on the help of donors and sponsors.


From year to year requests from a variety of institutions (hospitals, old people’s homes, sheltered work centres, schools, nursery schools, libraries, etc) for therapy pairs (handler plus dog) keep increasing, so the Society aims to increase the number of new candidates. Another incentive for this is the loss of therapy pairs due to illness or old age of the dogs or changed life situations of the handlers. Gaining new volunteers involves an increased financial outlay, which is essential for their professional and practical education and training, for equipment, veterinary examinations for the dogs, practical aids, etc.

The Tačke pomagačke Society could not increase its number of therapy pairs (on 21. 06.2021 there were 63 therapy pairs and 23 trainee pairs) without the sponsorship contributions of the Lek pharmaceutical company, a member of the Sandoz group. For five years in succession, Lek has sponsored our socially useful work, which is intended especially for vulnerable groups throughout Slovenia.

We Tačke pomagačke members are thus very grateful to Lek for their generous help, enabling us       to brighten the day of those who use our services.